Terms and Condition

  1. Use and Sharing of Information
    1. To place an order, the Client must complete and submit the Order Form to Essay24.com.
      1. Essay24 will not be held liable and/or accountable for any untoward consequences resulting from the Client’s failure to provide clear, specific, and complete instructions during and after the completion of the project.
      2. The Client has 24 hours from the time of purchase to modify and/or come forward with any additional instructions. After 24 hours, all instructions and reference material(s) will be deemed and understood as FINAL and sent to the writer.
      3. Any additional instructions and sources (i.e., reference materials) supplied after the agreed amendment period (24 hours) will be considered out of scope. Thus, it will require an additional fee to be included in the original instructions.
      4. Essay24 will not be responsible for any delay resulting from the client’s failure to provide the necessary information to complete the project on time.
    2. Filling out an order form with your details (i.e., full name, email address, and phone number) gives Essay24 consent to store your information in our Database.
      1. Essay24 agrees to maintain the privacy and confidentiality of the Client’s details.
      2. The Company is prohibited from divulging or sharing any personal information that the Client provides in the Order Form or thereafter in all forms of communication, including their complete name, email address(es), contact number(s), country of origin, university/ school details, and login information.
    3. The Order Form contains instructions and other necessary information to complete and process an order. This information includes the specified due date of the order, email address, and total amount due based on the free structure as advertised on the Essay24.com website.
    4. Any information supplied in the Order Form must be factual.
      1. Failure to comply with this requirement implies the Client provided misleading and/or erroneous information. Thus, in any event that the Client decides to pursue a refund, their request will be declined and considered null and void.
  2. Ownership and Use of the Submitted Order
    1. The Client understands that not all jurisdictions permit the sale of reports, research papers, and all other academic documents online.
      1. Any purchase of a product or service from this website is deemed to originate from a jurisdiction where the purchase of academic papers from a professional service provider is permitted.
    2. The liability of the completed work is transferred from Essay24.com to the Client upon delivery and receipt of the product.
      1. Essay24.com shall not be held liable for any violations arising from the use of the product.
    3. Upon full payment and delivery, the Client is given ownership of the product.
      1. The Client agrees not to sell or reproduce Essay24.com products in any way.
      2. If Client intends to use part or whole product for research purposes, Client agrees to provide citations.
  3. Revision Policy
    1. Essay24.com guarantees that it will adequately meet the specified requirements and preferences set forth by the Client.
      1. Should there be any discrepancies found in the material, the Company agrees to perform two (2) necessary revisions free of charge within five (5) days from the time the order was delivered, given that the Client abides by the following requirements:
        1. To prove the submitted work failed to meet the requirements detailed in the original instructions, the Client must specifically cite and provide valid proof to support their request, including but not limited to screenshots showing evidence of plagiarism or AI detection results, lack of references and in-text citations, failure to follow the word count, wrong format, etc.
          1. In the event that the Client is able to supply valid proof of the discrepancy or allegations, Essay24 reserves the right to conduct its internal investigation to either accept or decline the Client’s claims.
          2. If the Client’s proof has been validated, the Writer is required to revise their work up to two times and free of charge within the 5-day revision period. After this period, additional fees for the revision will apply.
          3. If the Client modified the Writer’s original work, Essay24 has the right to reject the revision request. However, the modified work can still be revised but will require a new order.
      2. The Client is entitled to request appropriate revisions for any discrepancies found in the material for as long as the revision request is within the scope of the original instructions in the Order Form.
        1. In accordance with section, the Client will be given the right to two (2) maximum free revisions within five (5) days from the order’s delivery only if the Client can specify which requirements were not met, of which Essay24.com shall have a 3-day turnaround period.
          1. The Client may request to receive the revised work earlier than the third day of the turnaround period, but Essay24 reserves the right to assess and determine the actual time needed to complete the revision.
          2. If the Writer fails to revise the specified requirement according to the original instructions, we will assign the project to another writer and submit it within three (3) days.
    2. The Client shall be given five (5) days after the delivery of the order to inspect and peruse the product.
      1. After this period, the order will be considered FINAL. Any revision request we receive beyond this period will require the Client to purchase a new order.
    3. Should the revision request not be included in the project’s original instructions, additional fees will apply for rewriting the material.
      1. The additional fee will depend on the writer’s assessment of the scope of work, the number of pages required, and the complexity of the new information.
    4. Essay24 shall not be held liable for a low grade or score that the Client will receive as a result of the submitted work.
      1. However, if the Client can provide valid proof of the failing grade or score, the Client may avail of a free revision within five (5) days from the time the Order was delivered.
      2. If the Client cannot provide any valid reason to avail of a free revision, Essay24 reserves the right to decline their request.
      3. If the Client’s academic institution allows them to appeal for a reversal of their failed grade or score, Essay24 may assist the Client by revising the paper once (for free) and/or providing a formal letter of explanation as long as their claim has been validated.
      4. If the Client modified the Writer’s original work, which resulted in a low or failing grade/ score, Essay24 has the right to reject the revision request.
        1. The Writer may still revise the paper, but the request will require the purchase of a new order.
    5. The Order is considered FINAL if no revision request is received within five (5) days of delivery.
      1. Any revision request made after five (5) days from the Order’s delivery will be denied.
      2. The Client may still request a revision after the 5-day free revision period, but the Client will be required to purchase a new order.
    6. The Client may also avail of our Extra Revision Packages as another option depending on their custom writing needs.
  4. Cancellations
    1. If order cancellation is unavoidable, Essay24 will investigate whether the request to cancel is valid within 24 hours.
      1. The Client may only cancel their order within an hour from the time Essay24 has received the payment. Otherwise, any request to cancel the order will be rejected.
        1. In such an event, the Client may use the Order for a different set of instructions or serve as credits, which the Client may use at their discretion.
    2. Cancellations are subject to a 10% to 20% fee, depending on the time it was requested and if a writer has already begun working on the project.
  5. Refund Policy
    1. All refund requests may be granted as stated in the Terms of Service and at the Company’s discretion.
      1. Essay24 may conduct a refund when no Writer is available to work on the Order due to its complexity and/or when completing the Client’s order within the chosen deadline is impossible.
      2. The Client is required to provide valid proof to support any of their claims that could potentially result in a refund, including but not limited to screenshots showing the deadline indicated in the Order Form and the date and time the Order was submitted, proof of plagiarism or AI detection results, and/or failure of the Writer to follow the original instructions.
      3. Once the Client supplies proof of discrepancy that will support their allegation(s), Essay24 reserves the right to conduct its internal investigation to refute, counter, or accept the Client’s claims within five (5) days from the time the Client filed for a refund.
      4. Delay in submission due to the client’s fault and failure to provide necessary details to complete the order in a timely manner falls outside our refund criteria.
        1. If the reason for the refund request is the Writer’s failure to submit the Order on time, the Client may be granted two (2) free revisions within five (5) days from the order’s delivery, or the Client may avail credits appropriate to the order rate and number of pages.
    2. The Client must accordingly file a complaint and prove that the terms of the project were not met. Otherwise, we may refute and refuse the refund request if the Client cannot provide any concrete evidence or valid reason for the refund.
    3. Essay24 cannot be held liable for a failing score or grade received as a result of the submitted work, especially if the Client has modified the Writer’s original work that resulted in the failing score/ grade.
      1. However, the Company may assist the Client in making a plea to their academic institution and have the Writer revise their work once.
      2. If the Client modified any part of the Writer’s original work, an additional fee will be required to revise the paper.
    4. Essay24 reserves the right to decline any refund requests if the submitted work has a high similarity score or is found to have AI-written content.
      1. A high similarity score does not necessarily imply that the paper was plagiarized, particularly if it contains a properly formatted list of references and in-text citations. Meanwhile, the accuracy and reliability of AI-detection tools remain debatable since they are prone to high false positive results.
      2. The Writer can revise the Client’s paper for free until the similarity rate is lowered or it is free of alleged AI-generated material.
      3.  If the Client’s academic institution suspects or accuses them of plagiarism or AI use, they are allowed to contact Essay24 immediately so that the Company can help prove their innocence.
    5. Only if the Client pursues a refund will the work become the property of Essay24.
      1. Essay24 reserves the right to use the paper as sample work on our website once the order’s amount has been refunded to the Client.
      2. The Client cannot use the submitted work once the refund has been released.
    6. If the Client’s refund request was rejected, the Client can be provided one (1) free revision within 72 hours from when the request was denied.
      1. If the writer still fails to comply with the requirements of the original instructions after the revision, we can reassign the order to another writer and have it revised up to two times as long as the unfollowed instructions are within the scope of the original instructions.
      2. Any additional information or request not found in the original instructions will require a fee appropriate to the extent and complexity of the additional information.
    7. If the Client fails to file for a refund request within five (5) days from the time the Order was submitted, the project will be deemed FINAL, and any refund request will be denied.
  6. Payments
    1. The Client’s credit card account shall be managed by PayPal or any certified third-party Privacy Policy to ensure the optimum security of credit card processing.
    2. Essay24 will only use any personal, bank account, and credit card information disclosed by the client in accordance with the terms and conditions set by the Privacy Policy.
    3. All credit card information is directly transmitted to the banking network for authorization and is not recorded by Essay24.com
    4. Credit card fraud is a federal crime punishable by fines and imprisonment. Essay24.com considers such fraud a grave threat to its services and business. We will pursue any fraudulent behavior from clients to the fullest extent of the law.

The Company agrees that it will not disclose any information provided by the Client placing an order except when it is required by a lawful authority and/or to pursue any fraudulent transactions.