Terms and Condition

  1. Client understands that not all jurisdictions permit the sale of reports, research papers, and all other academic documents online. Any purchase of product or service from this website is deemed to originate from a jurisdiction where the purchase of academic papers from a professional service provider is permitted. The Client further agrees not to use the product in compliance with any academic requirements.
  2. To place an order, the Client is required to complete and submit the Order Form to Essay24.com. The Order Form contains a set of instructions and necessary information required to complete and process an order. This includes the specified due date of the order, email address, and total amount due based on the free structure as advertised on the Essay24.com website.
  3. The liability of the completed work is transferred from Essay24.com to the Client upon delivery and receipt of the product. Such being the case, Essay24.com shall not be held liable for any violations arising from the use of the product.
  4. Upon full payment and delivery, the Client is given ownership of the product. However, Client agrees not to sell or reproduce Essay24.com products in any way. Essay24.com ensures 100% authenticity of its products and service and will not allow partial or total plagiarism of any of its custom-made papers. If Client intends to use part or whole product for research purposes, Client agrees to provide citations.
  5. Essay24.com guarantees to adequately meet the specified requirements and preference set forth by the Client. Should there be any discrepancies found in the material, the company agrees to perform the necessary revisions free of charge. Clients shall be given 7 days after the delivery date to inspect and peruse the product and will be entitled to request appropriate revisions for any discrepancies found in the material. The Client will be given the right to an unlimited number of revisions within the 7-day period, of which Essay24.com shall have 5-day turnaround period.
  6. Essay24.com reserves the right to reject any request for revision filed after the 7 days period from delivery of the material. Should the revision request is not included in the original project specifications, additional fees apply for rewriting of material.
  7. The Client’s credit card account shall be managed by PayPal or any certified third-party Privacy Policy to ensure the optimum security of credit card processing. Any personal, bank account and credit card information disclosed by the Client will only be used in accordance with the terms and conditions set by the Privacy Policy. All credit card information is directly transmitted to the banking network for authorization and are not recorded by Essay24.com
  8. Credit card fraud is a federal crime punishable by fines and imprisonments. Essay24.com considers such fraud as a very grave threat to its services and business. We will pursue any fraudulent behavior from clients to the fullest extent of the law.
  9. All refund requests may be granted as stated in the Terms of Service and at the discretion of the company. Client must accordingly file a complaint and prove that the terms of the project were not met. Otherwise, we may refute and refuse the refund request if no concrete evidence or valid reason for the refund can be provided by the Client.
  10. Only in the case that the Client pursues a refund, the work will become the property of Essay24, and we serve the right to use it as sample work on our website once the order’s amount has been refunded to the Client. This means that the Client cannot use the submitted paper once he or she gets a refund.

The Company agrees that it will not disclose any information provided by a Client placing an order except for occasions when it is required by a lawful authority, and/or to pursue any fraudulent transactions.